Custom Fitting Clubs

Genuine custom fitting is working one-to-one with a trained  custom clubmaker over a period of at least 30 minutes, and frequently over the course of two or more visits to the clubmakers shop. Custom fitting is being fit from scratch, in the same manner that a tailor would make a custom-made suit, with the right clubheads, shafts and grips being selected from a wide variety of different models, designs and performance factors.

Custom fitting is the domain of the serious, professional clubmaker who ‘lives, eats and breathes’ all of the information available which will allow him or her to accurately match each golfer’s swing to the best fit set of golf clubs.

At The Golf Workshop we are convinced that every golfer can play better and enjoy the game more by being accurately fit with golf clubs which are custom built to minimise the swing errors and enhance the correct swing moves of each individual golfer.  Real improvement through custom clubfitting requires consultation with a trained clubmaker who knows how to translate each golfer’s need for game improvement into direct changes in the specifications of the golf clubs which address each area of improvement.


In common sense clubfitting: all of the possible game improvement desires of golfers can be summarised in the following ways:

  • I want more Distance
  • I want to improve Accuracy
  • I want to improve shotmaking Consistency
  • I want to change the Trajectory of my shot pattern
  • I want to improve the Swing and Impact Feel of my golf clubs

Start improving your game today by getting the right equipment for you.

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